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    Question Asking for a username with conditions

    I'm fairly new to Java and i'm having to cram a truckload worth of it into my tiny tiny brain in first semester for my course.
    I want to read and store a user name chosen by the user, however, I want to implement restrictions on what characters must be included:
    an example is that it must start with a letter, contain at least one digit, contain at least one symbol or punctuation mark, between 4 and 8 characters
    and must not contain spaces.
    I used a (Character.isLetter(userName.charAt(0))==false) line to check whether the first character is a letter and
    (userName.indexOf(" ") for the spaces. However no matter how hard I try i cannot seem to figure out how to implement the other restrictions.
    Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.

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    Try with Regular expressions

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