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    Default Printing the contents of an array of objects


    I'm working on a piece of code and I can't figure out how to print the contents in my array, that exists out of an object. I have two classes, one called HanzeBank and one called Bankrekening.

    I just added a method in Hanzebank that makes a new Bankrekening object and puts this in an array in Hanzebank. Here's the code for this.
    public void addRekening(String naam, int rekeningnummer, int saldo){
    Bankrekening rekening = new Bankrekening();
    rekening.rekening(naam, rekeningnummer, saldo);
    And the code in Bankrekening:
    public void rekening(String naam, int rekeningnummer, int saldo){
    if(0 == 1){
    System.out.println("Rekeningnummer " + rekeningnummer + " is al in gebruik");
    } else {
    this.naam = naam;
    this.rekeningnummer = rekeningnummer;
    this.saldo = saldo;
    System.out.println("Rekening succesvol aangemaakt!");
    Now this is working, I'm making a method to print the name(naam), accountnumber(rekeningnummer) and the amount of money on the account(saldo).
    In Bankrekening I have three methods that return these variables. Here's the code for that:
    public void getName(){
    public void getNumber(){
    public void getSaldo(){
    Now I want to use this methods in Hanzebank to print the information so I tried the following:
    public void showRekeningen(){
    for(int i=0; i<numberOfRekeningen(); i++){
    This doesn't work, I tried tons of other ways to print this, but none of it works. Can anyone help me please?



    [edit] Btw, I also tried finding this on the internet, but all I found is what I already got.

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    System.out.println returns void. so when you call:
    you are calling:
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