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    Default need menu program

    anyone have a program that creates a menu which has 4 buttons that can lead to seperate programs which can exit back to the main menu and the main menu has an exit program button? :-)

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    Yep, you do,.... if you put in the effort to create this. Best of luck, and come on back if you have a more specific question.

    But seriously, it sounds as if you have to create this for homework, and the best way to learn to do it is to read the tutorials, and then just do it. Even if this is not homework, even if you're just learning Java on your own, it's not a good idea to "borrow" someone else's code because this way you'll never learn to code it yourself.

    We can help you here, but you have to first put in the effort. Best of luck.
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    Read the tutorial "How to use Menus "form

    It s simple program .Learn yourself ,do yourself
    (Living @ Virtual World)

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