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    Red face making pop up menu and more- please help

    sorry to annoy people who understand this stuff, wanted to know how to make a pop up menu with four buttons, three of them leading to mini popup programs (how do i do that?) and the last one exiting the whole program. completley lost, very blonde when it comes to java-thanks for any help :o

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    You'll probably need to specify if your looking at a graphical solution or swing/awt buttons and windows.

    With graphics, alot of if statements and mouse click captures that designate what window images, button images and mouse click coordinates to capture.

    With swing/awt, create seperate menu objects with buttons, instantiate or define them in the main program and when the user clicks a button on the main program, it will launch the popup menu.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    It is a JPopupMenu component in Swing for example )
    And moreover you have to provide right mouse click catching as for popup menu )
    It is all concerning events in Java and so on.
    So... just asking of popupmenu is not quite correct because it is not a short piece of work. Begin some popupmenu coding and then if you have some code questions come here )
    You can observe java popupmenu tutorials (in your IDE) for example or to use an IDE templates first...

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