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    Default java binary addition

    hi guyz..i am new here.

    can u please solve my query.

    i have to perform binary addition on two numbers of 512bit passed as strings but not bigIntegers!
    i have to convert them to binary format without using parseInt or tostring functions.
    we can use char arrays and byte arrays for that.
    then add these two binary numbers using binary full adder logic and display the result in decimal.

    please help me how to perform it soon.

    if u can email the java code then plz email it to me at


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    Default Not the way it works

    Nope, no can do. This isn't "CODE-R-US". If you have a specific question, then the forum will help you.
    Having said that, what have you done and where are you stuck?

    Chris S.
    Difficult? This is Mission Impossible, not Mission Difficult. Difficult should be easy.

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