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    Default Code counting error

    delete this thread please!
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    The value of x is incrementing by 0.1.

    x is a double and the Java language insists that the values and the operations on them follow the IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic, ANSI/IEEE Standard 754-1985.

    What's most significant in the code you posted is that double values only have a finite amount of precision (so they can be used by a computer with a finite amount of memory and time at its disposal). Because of that, the result of incrementing x by y will not, in general, be the same whether we interpret x and y as (finite precision) Java doubles or (infinite precision) mathematical values.

    If the result you observe is not what you want, then incrementing 0 by 0.1 is not appropriate. What you want, in that case, is something else. Which you should describe.

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