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    Exclamation Using the scanner class

    Im trying to scan a string from the user ( and then use a delimiter to remove blank spaces and make the input one string eg.
    if the user enters:
    com puter,
    the output should be "computer"
    but Im having probs with the code;heres what i have so far:

    System.out.println(" Enter The Name for the Lab : ");

    if (labscan.hasNext());
    lab1 = labscan.nextLine();

    labscan1 = new Scanner(lab1);
    //labscan1.useDelimiter(" ");

    while (labscan1.hasNext());
    labscan1.useDelimiter(" ");
    str = "";
    lab1 = + str;

    can u help me out please?

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    If you want to remove blank only means,you have to read the input by next() function and add the string.
    For example,;;
    (Living @ Virtual World)

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