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    Default Button Functions

    I need to add the number values of 2 texts boxes and make it appear in the third text box

    how would one do this?


    XML Code:
    	<script language="javascript">
    	function buttonclick()
    		<h1><b><u>Rabbits vs. Foxes Population</u></b></h1><br>
    			<form name="forma">
    <table border="1" width="50%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1">
    				<td>Number of Rabbits</td>
    				<td><input name="numberofrabbits" type="text" size="6"></td>
    				<td>Death Rate</td>
    				<td><input name="deathrate" type="text" size="6"></td>
    				<td>Birth Rate</td>
    				<td><input name="birthrate" type="text" size="6"></td>
    				<td>No. of Foxes</td>
    				<td><input name="foxes" type="text" size="6"></td>
    				<td>Rabbit Conditions</td>
    				<td><Input type = radio Name = r1 Value = "N">Normal
    					<Input type = radio Name = r2 Value = "F">Fires
    					<Input type = radio Name = r3 Value = "E">Excellent</td><br>
    				<td>Graph the Rabbits</td>
    				<td> <input type="checkbox" name="graphrabbits" value="checked"></td>
    				<td><input type="button" onclick="buttonclick()" value="One Year Passes" size="30"></td>
    				<td>Years<input name="years" type="text" size="6"></td>

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    First thing I'd do would be to ask this question in a javascript forum. Unfortunately this is a Java forum, a totally different beast.

    Best of luck.

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