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    Thumbs down Find java objects in a given string.

    am trying to find out, what are the java objects in a given string. Given java source file as an in put to a file reader. i wil read line by line of the given file and list out the java objects in a given line and want to find out the base class of the same.

    given a line as :
    listenerSocket = new ServerSocket(Integer.parseInt(FilePropertyManager. getProperty("TPIN_LISTENER_PORT"," perties")));

    listenerSocket is instance of;
    = is an operator
    new is a key word
    ServerSocket is instance of;
    Integer is a instance of java.lang.Integer
    parseInt is an instance of java.lang.Integer.parseInt
    FilePropertyManager isn an instance of

    can i get any sample code ... for this
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarathi View Post
    parseInt is an instance of java.lang.Integer.parseInt


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    parseInt is no Object and can therefore not be an instance :o It's a method.
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    Java Code:
    foo = new Date(42);
    In this line of code there is no way of telling whether the Date bit refers to java.util.Date or java.sql.Date or to my own subclass of java.util.Date.

    Likewise nothing in the line would prepare you for the fact that foo "is" an Integer. (Yes, the code doesn't compile...)

    The point of all this is to suggest that whatever you mean by "instance of", there is simply no way to get that information from a single line. You're going to have to write something like javac.exe that compiles whole .java files. But this is the "New to Java" forum, so perhaps this task might be better left for a week or so.

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