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    Default Implementing a red-black tree in java

    How do I implement a red-black tree in java. I am new to Java and have no clue how to proceed.
    I need to be able to print out the tree as well.
    Can someone help?!!

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    That is not different than any other language.

    First you need to understand its algorithm. After understanding the algorithm fully, try to design it. Decide whether it will be an object oriented solution or not.. If it will be an object oriented solution, try to find your objects. You don't need the find most generic solution in this design, just try your best. In fact you can even write the code as a combination of function calls just like in C.

    After you start coding, if you need help on Java side (e.g. getting input or using a library class), let us know. We will try to help you.

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