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    Default Trying to workout how to input text


    I'm trying to simply modify some Hello World code, so that the user can input their name and it says "Hello <name>"...

    Below is what I've written so far...

    Java Code:
    class prog
    	public static void main(String name)
               System.out.println("Hello" + name);
    I'm using BlueJ and I have tried the 'Scanner' but for some reason it doesn't work with BlueJ

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    Hello. No, you can't change the main method in that way. The program will compile, but since you've changed the "signature" of the main method, the JVM will not know how to start your program when you try to run it. You're far better off trying to use Scanner again. Scanner works fine with BlueJ as long as you've set it up to compile as a Java 1.5 or 1.6 program.

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