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    Default [SOLVED] Extract certain data from file, help

    Hi, I'm trying to extract the ASCII code and probability from a text file whose lines look like this for example:

    31 0 0.000000
    32 158380 0.153918
    33 72 0.000070
    34 1977 0.001921
    35 4 0.000004
    36 4 0.000004

    .. etc. I'm trying to extract just the first and third columns. I'm a little confused as to how do I do this and store them to their appropriate variables. Can I use a tokenizer even though I'm dealing with chars and floats? Thanks in advance!

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    Ultimately, you are only dealing with String here. Myself, I'd read a line, then split it on space, then I'd parse the numbers I needed with the appropriate parse method.

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    Ah, thank you. I understand, however I'm still a little fuzzy on the syntax. When I read in the line until I hit a space, and set it to the appropriate variable after parsing, how do I continue from where I left off in the line and parse the next set of information from there?

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    Java Code:
    String line = {whatever}.readLine();
    String[] splits = line.split("\\p{space}");
    'splits' is now an array containing all elements separated by whitespace (i.e., it is a 3 element array in this example).

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    Default Prints columns 1 and 3 from a data file

    I often use biterscripting ( for free download ) whenever I don't have time to write code in Java. If this task of printing columns 1 and 3 is a stand-alone task, the following biterscripting code will do the job.

    Let's assume the name of the data file is X.

    var str data ; cat X > $data
    while ( $data <> "")
    var str line ; lex "1" $data > >$line # Get next line
    wex "1" $line # Print the 1st column
    wex "3" $line # Print the 3rd column
    Hope this helps.

    (Send me email if your requirements are more complex.)

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