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    thanks everyone for all the help by the way. I find it a lot easier to understand this stuff learning from others than from books that overlook big parts of the learning process, and doesn't teach you much of the crucial basics.

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    I'm hoping and praying that you'll learn to love and get benefit from the books too. In the end, they will prove much more efficient and less frustrating at helping you learn. Best of luck.

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    can I choose column 2 for instance within the brackets, such as [c1] or something like that?
    Yes - you can say phone[r][0]=... to put a name in the first column (column zero) and phone[r][1]=... to put a phone number in the second column.

    The name/number are now associated in the sense that they are both in row r.

    (I think that's what you were asking)

    Shouldn't the names and the numbers be stored in different columns in the program?
    Yes they should be. (But this doesn't mean that you have to populate the array with nested loops. You can, but you don't have to.

    Using phones[r][0]=... / phones[r][1]=... you can use a single for loop (which makes r run over the correct values) and within that loop set both column values.

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