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Thread: randomly moving shapes

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    Red face randomly moving shapes

    Hello: i am a beginner to a java...sorry for asking this kind of problem, i dont know if it is simple to other programmers but for me it is too difficult. that is why i need to ask a java code that

    "moves randomly created shapes around the screen. the user moves the mouse to catch and click on the shape. the shape's speed and size can be varied. keep statics on how much time the user typically takes to catch a shape of a given size. the user will probably have more difficulty catching faster-moving, smaller shapes."

    please help me..if it is OK to you..
    thank you..:)

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    .if it is OK to you
    It is not.

    It is OK to ask a specific question regarding your code, but it is not OK to ask for a complete code solution to your homework problem. Come on now. That's cheating.

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    Default Re: randomly moving shapes

    I am new in java. I would like to know how if the Layout Manager can help me to arrange two smaller circles next to each other inside one big circle.

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    Default Re: randomly moving shapes

    Please create your own thread rather than resurrecting an old one.
    I'm locking this.
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    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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