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    Default [SOLVED] creating excutable jar file

    i completed my project using netbeans ,now i want to create excutable jar file .I know we can run project from command line using
    java -jar 'name of jar file'.I want to distribute my application to others who don't have any idea about java.So it is my job to create a GUI for jar file ,so that the user can run it by just clicking on it.I don't have any idea how to do this.please help me.

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    Having only toyed around with netbeans, it's my understanding that it creates an executable jar file for the main class when you build it. Look in the dist directory to find it.

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    Yes, once you build the project inside the dist folder you can see a jar file for your project. dist folder can be found in the project folder.

    Read the following for more information about jar files.

    Packaging programs in jar files.

    And also search the forum. We've discuss the same question hundred of times here in the past.

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