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    Default trouble creating program using loops for multiplication table

    I am currently trying to create a program that displays the multiplication tables from 9 -17 using for loops, do loops, and while loops, I tried to use some suggestions i found for the 0-12 mult. tables but they just confused me more. here is what i have so far... if anyone could please help me fix this or understand what is wrong so that i can at least get case 1 of my switch to work i would greatly appreciate it.

    Java Code:
    public class multtble
    public static void main(String args[])
    int loop = 5;
    int n = 9, m = 1, i, j;
    String t= "";
    System.out.print("type 1 for for loop type 2 for while loop type 3 for do loops ");
    BufferedReader stdin1 =new BufferedReader(new
    try {
    t = stdin1.readLine();
    }catch( exp){ exp.printStackTrace();}
    loop = Integer.parseInt(t);
    case 1:
    	for(i = 9; i <18; i++) {
    	for(j = 9; j <18; j++) {
    	System.out.print(n+" ");
    	n +=m;
    	m++; n = m;}}

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    Cross-posted in Sun forums.

    To the original poster: please do not cross-post questions in multiple forums. This will frustrate anyone who tries to help you only to find out later that the same answer was given hours ago in a cross-posted thread. For this reason, many volunteers here and at the other sites refuse to help repeat offenders.

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