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Thread: help me in JWNL

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    Default help me in JWNL

    I want to know how to use JWNL,a java API to access WordNet.Reply soon.
    Thanq.If it requires a java code to be executed,please specify the code.

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    I read the following text in this link JWNL Overview

    Using JWNL is very simple. First, call JWNL.initialize() somewhere in the initialization code of your program.

    Then, just call Dictionary.getInstance() to get the currently installed dictionary. The only dictionary methods you should really ever need to call are lookupIndexWord(), lookupAllIndexWords(), and getIndexWordIterator().

    The other methods you may be interested in Relationship.findRelationships(), and those in PointerUtils.

    Relationship.findRelationships() allows you to find relationships of a given type between two words (such as ancestry). Another way of thinking of a relationship is as a path from the source synset to the target synset.

    The methods in PointerUtils allow you to find chains of pointers of a given type. For example, calling PointerUtils.getHypernymTree() on the synset that contains "dog," returns a tree with all its parent synsets ("canine"), and its parents' parents ("carnivore"), etc., all the way to the root synset ("entity").

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    Hello,I have tried this code and it does not work.I think something is missing.Please can you elaborate further

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