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    Default setText() problem

    I need to get the results from a for loop and display them in a TextArea in they order they complete. However, the way I have it set up it will only display the last thread finished in the for loop. Here is the code and any help would be appreciated.
    Java Code:
    	class Horse extends Thread {
    			int racelen = 0;
    			JTextArea resultsTextArea = null;
    			int move;
    			int move1;
    			int total;
    			long totalTime;
    	public Horse(String str, int len, JTextArea results){
    			racelen = len;
    			resultsTextArea = results;	
    			public void run(){
    				long time = System.currentTimeMillis();
    				for (int total = 0; total < 100; total++){
    					move = (int)(Math.random()*100);
    					move1 = (int)(Math.sqrt(move));
    					total += move1;
    					try {
    						sleep((int)(Math.random() * 1000));
    					}catch (InterruptedException e) {}
    				totalTime =(System.currentTimeMillis() - time);
    				resultsTextArea.setText("Name\t\t" + "Priority\t\t" + "Time\n" +
    						 getName() + "\t\t" + getPriority() +"\t\t"+ totalTime + "\n" );	

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    Nevermind I figured it out. Thanks.

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    Please go to the top of this page and click Thread Tools -> Mark This Thread As Solved.
    Tell me if you want a cool Java logo avatar like mine and I'll make you one.

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