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    Default Passing integer array from javascript to java

    Hi Everyone,

    I am having trouble passing an array between javascript and java.I am using DWR.


    Demo is the java class I need to access and CreateTable is the fuction I need to pass my javascript arrays to.

    f1,f2,f3 are my javascript arrays.

    in CreateTable is declared as :

    public List CreateTable(int userId,int[] f1,int[] f2,int[] f3)

    I need to pass the arrays of f1,f2 and f3 as Integer[] objects;
    This is how I am trying to this:

    Integer[] intObj = null;

    intObj = new Integer[f1.length];
    for(int a=0;a<f1.length;a++){
    intObj[a] = new Integer(filter[a]);

    I have to then pass this to a hashmap:

    HashMap<String,Integer[]> filters = new HashMap<String,Integer[]>();
    filters.put("tagIds", intObj);

    I get a java.lang.NullPointerException

    However this works:
    Integer[] tags = new Integer[]{1,2,3,4};

    I am sure that the javascript array is being correctly passed to CreateTable()

    Can some one point out what I am doing wrong?


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    Lightbulb Fixed!

    It turns out my problem was not with passing arrays between javascript and java.

    My objective was to convert int[]f1 to Integer[] f1 and pass this to another function.

    It was possible that in some cases int[] f1 would be empty,
    so I would directly pass 'null' the function.(intObj=null)

    However the function I was calling did not know how to handle 'null'.So, now whenever int[] f1 is empty I pass:
    Integer[] intObj = new Integer[]{}

    So I guess the whole problem boils down to the difference between:
    Integer[] intObj = new Integer[]{}
    Integer[] intObj = null

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