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    Default Scanner.delimiter - how to get commas and full-stops back?

    Hi, I am new to Java and am having a problem with a scanner I am using.

    I managed to tokenize my input and scan it for integers via scanner.hasNextInt(). First I had a problem with i.e. commas after numbers, they were not recognized but I fixed this by using a useDelimiter(", *);

    Now I have two new problems.

    a) How do i set my useDelimiter to commas, fullstops, question marks at the same time?

    b) The comma delimiter is now removed, I would like it back after I have done what I needed to do with the Integer, how do I do this? I tried something like !isWhitespace but I dont know where the char is within my string to do this?


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    First of all, unless you want the delimiters to count as tokens, the use of regular expressions is much better (split() method). When you make a new StringTokenizer(" ");, every character between " and " counts as a seperate delimiter, so
    StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(" ,./?!@#$%^&*()|;\"");
    for example, each character counts as a delimiter. Hope that helped.
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