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    Default Array List

    I am working on a bank account program. There is,, and I am trying to finish up a deposit method in the Bank class but am running into problems when trying to change the current balance to the new one. Here is my code for the method:

    //PART B: Deposit funds
    public void deposit(int accountNumber, double amount)

    BankAccount a = accounts.get(accountNumber);
    double bal = a.getBalance();
    bal = (bal + amount);
    //How do I make bal the current balance for the account??
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    BankAccount a = accounts.get(accountNumber);
    does get(int) return an instance of BankAccount? And what is "accounts"?... Actually why are you making a new instance of BankAccount at all? Just use the BankAccount that calls the method.
    //How do I make bal the current balance for the account??
    does the Account have a field for its balance? Then you could just do (this.)balanceField = amount + (this.)getBalance;
    where amount is your parameter in the method. I just put (this.) so you know it belongs to the calling Object. Hope that helped.
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    First of all, when you post next time please use an appropriate title in your question. Here your title and the question not make sense.

    If you want to call a method from a class of another what you have to do basically? Create an instance of it. Then call the method. If that methods returns anything you have to store it in a correct data type variable. Do you have a clear idea about that?

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