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    Red face [SOLVED] Linux commands for Java Developers Help

    Hi Experts on this forum,

    we are trying to do some debugging for OutOfMemory issues we are facing for our J2EE application. Out application is running on Linux platform and we are looking for some commands which can be used to investigate this issue on production environment itself.

    Any help or pointers will be appreciated.

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    Hey, Long time, where have you been lately.

    Java has very powerfull commands for linux os debugging. In fact the JDK 1.5 and later come up with few specific commands for memory and thread analysis

    you can use jmap for getting memroy footprint of a running java process on linux.

    use jstack for taking a thread stack trace of running java project.

    There are few more commands which can be useful, also check out the Powerful Linux Commands

    Let me know more details on the issue you are facing and I will be able to suggest more options for debugging OutOfMemory issues.

    Its a good idea to post information like

    1. how much heap memory you are running the app?
    2. How many users are using it?
    3. How much time it takes to reach outofmemory error. etc...

    Hope this helps....

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