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    Default displaying 2D-Matrix

    To display 2D-Matrix we use two loops.but I want to display by using only one loop.Pls help me in this issue.

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    Default This is easy, but difficult to put in print

    You must set up your single for-loop
    to run the duration of the entire 2D array.



    int[][] my2D = new int[5][8];

    for(int i=0; i<40; i++){

    Now YOU must figure out the arithmetic
    within the braces that will increment two
    indexes that reference the individual elements.

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    Hm there should be possible to write this with for loop, but this makes condition line much longer then it would be with two loops.

    Why not use some own made looping method ? Or use just for-each loop this doesn't need so much typing.

    Java Code:
            int array[][] = new int[3][3];
            for (int rows = 0; rows < array.length; rows++) {
                for (int cols = 0; cols < array[0].length; cols++) {
                    array[rows][cols] = cols + rows;
            for (int[] rows : array) {
                for (int columns : rows) {

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