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    Default Kinda stuck of learning Java

    I am self learner so i know the java's syntax, know how to use it. I can make some smaller and easier programs with Swing. I know the basics, but i would like to move on learn something more like OO and design patterns. Mainly off course i would like learn how to start planning and design of application. Currently most of the programs are made like code first and then we look what design make.

    So i am waiting for replies with some good books or links. :p

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    I just bought a book called Effective Java by Joshua Bloch. It is supported by Sun, it has their logo on it. It isn't meant for beginners, but you don't have to be advanced either. It doesn't really talk about how to do things, but how to be more effective, cleaner ways of coding. So after that I read it I'm hoping my code will look more "professional", and be better, more useful, etc. all-around. You should look into it too, it doesn't have anything on swing, but just improving all of your code. I'm not really sure how advanced you are in Java. I am trying to write swing too, but you said you know the basics, so IDK if you would understand the stuff in the book or not. You probably would.. or will. So you know, all the Java books that I saw at the bookstore were in the 45 - 70 Canadian $ range.
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    Default Wow...

    OK... that's a very big question/request that covers a lot of ground. Some suggestions:
    • Here's a good link that has some very good information about OOP for Java:
      The Java™ Tutorials
    • Stick around the forum and participate. Many of the questions asked are really challanging and are good oportunities to develop programming skills.
    • When you start to work on a project and before committing any code, sit down with a piece of paper and draw out the flow of your program. Write the doubts and problems you see. Investigate. Then you can start to code.
    • During the coding phase, do not try to code everything all at one time. Develop bite size chunks of code that can by developed and tested easily. Once that chunk of code works, go on to the piece of code.

    Hope this helps...

    Chris S.
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