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    Default I need some serious help with Java technologies...Please can someone help me!

    Hey all,

    Well, as the post tittle says I need help.

    I am a novice new to Java and its technologies but I need to develop some applications that are very complex and would be very grateful for any help, hints, tips or coding.

    First, I want to use J2ME/mobility to create a mobile phone to access an internet website and show this within the phone display.

    Second, I want to use J2ME/mobility to create a mobile phone to send SMS messages.

    And finally, the big one, I need to create a mobile phone using J2ME/mobility or other Java platform, that has the feature of speech techonology. Either, text to speech, or speech to text, or maybe even both. I was thinking could this be achievable by the user speaking the sms and the coding showing this on screen?? I need to have a basic working phone with the feature of speech technology...

    If anyone can help with this matter, then please please message me...

    Many thanks

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    erm... You don't start off Java that advanced... There's no way you're going to do that if your new to Java.. I've been doing java for a while now and I am nowhere near doing what you want to do.. And what do you mean by tips? What can anyone really give you except the full code? And this shouldn't be on new to Java, this is way to advanced. New to Java deals only with Java SE, not even all of it. But you said you're new to Java so you might think it should go here... There's no point of trying something that advanced if you just started trying to learn Java.. I expect everyone else will say the same thing... unless I misinterpreted something you were saying.
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    I have to agree with MK12. You first have to learn to crawl before you can walk, to walk before you can run. Unless you know a lot more Java than you're letting on, I suggest that you find a basic text book and start going through it, one chapter at a time. In several months (depending on your aptitude and effort), you may be ready to consider some of the things you're thinking of doing. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts here.

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    Default Tips...

    Some important and good links:

    The Java™ Tutorials

    Java Platform SE 6

    Wireless Development Tutorial Part I

    There is also also a Java ME (Micro Edition) sub-forum in this forum... that would also be a good please to post questions about sms.

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