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    Default [SOLVED] JAVA heap size problem


    I am facing java heap size problem while running the code.
    My code is very simple, but it has several single and 2 dimentional arrays of size 3619 and 3619x3619. I run my code in Eclipse. It gives me the below error :

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

    My code stops at the declaration of the the array
    double[][] sample=new double[3619][3619];

    Can u tell me how to increase heap size in "Eclipse"?
    What are the jav memory limitations?

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    I'd look at the Run -- Open Run Dialog -- Arguments tab -- VM arguments

    But don't hold me to this.

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    Think about how much memory you are allocating. JVM by default allocates some memory which may not be sufficient.

    do you know how much memory double variable needs? calculate based on that and then you can use -X option to allocate the memory for your program as shown below

    java -Xmx256m <your class>

    this is example for 256MB can use any memory physically available for JVM.

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    Your application has a memory leak me be. Did you try anything work around with the garbage collector within the code. It may helpful to prevent this.

    In default Java heap is 128MB, but in some project it's not enough. Run time you can increase it with the following command.

    java -Xms<initial heap size> -Xmx<maximum heap size>
    I'm not an Eclipse user, but there should be a way to config this. May be through a project config file.

    Did you search the forum? Same question is discuss several times here.

    Additionally, following thread explain this on NetBeans. Not directly related with your question, but it can be helpful to you.

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