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    Default eclipse 3.4 is shown errors

    If IBM DB2 Express Edition DB2copy1,Java(TM) 6 Update 11, oracle 10 g are
    installed it will not allow eclipse 3.4 to work in xp version 2002 service pack system. eclipse 3.4 is shown error "version1.4.2_03" of the JVM is not suitable for this product"

    ASAP Reply to me

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    if i am not wrong why dont you try to set compiler compliance level to 6.0 for the JVM according to your environment settings under java compiler from Properties window of your project.

    is that is the solution for your problem..........:o
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    First, the 1.6 version of Java is the latest. I strongly suggest getting the 1.6 *JDK* (not just the JRE), and make that the default version of Java on your computer.

    I cannot believe the Oracle won't run with 1.6. IBM is notorious, with Websphere, for being way behind, but I doubt DB2 has that problem.

    Possibly, the only problem is that you have an old JDK set as your computer's default. If so, upgrade to 1.6.12.

    Run Eclipse on 1.6

    Some big applications do not support the newest version of Java. I hope you are not stuck using 1.4 for something.

    If you are, you can still have multiple JDK's/JRE's, with different versions, installed on your computer.

    Within Eclipse preferences, you can tell Eclipse about the different versions of Java you have installed. You can choose any of these versions for a particular project. Projects also have a compliance level setting, which should be set to match the version you are using.

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