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    Default [SOLVED] Shifting an array

    I have an array that contains 20 values:
    Java Code:
    int[] data = {0,1,2...20} //pesudo-code
    I want to be able to add new values, each time removing the first and shifting them all down one

    so for example

    data[x] = 56; //21st value

    so the new array will read {1,2,3..20,21} //first entry has been removed and everything moved down like in a list

    Basically the same idea as the following:

    Java Code:
    if ( list.size > 19){
    Actually, my mind escaped me for a moment, i've got an idea for it

    Java Code:
            for (int i =0; i < data.length;i++){
                if(i < 19){
                    data[i] = data[i+1];
                } else if (i == 19){
                    data[19] = intval;
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    use an ArrayList instead, makes it a lot easier to add to the list.

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    1. you do realize that your array has 21 items and not 20?
    2. it's a lot better practice to use properties of the array (or whatever container you decide to use) to iterate through it as opposed to hard-coding the value (in your case 19).
    3. as Jasonre, an ArrayList would make this simpler, though you would need to use the Integer wrapper class.

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