Dear Folks!

Glad to "speak" to you again. :)

I need reporting utilities in my app. I need to output a JTable in PDF format or in HTML format. So, i found on the net that JasperReports could do it for me, it's just the perfect ultimate solution for me. The problem, is that i simply can't understand nothing about it.

Can anybody show me any sample? I tried some tutorials, but i still can't find anything that makes for me.
There's no problem in creating the JRXML file, i do it with iReport, great tool.
So, after i created a JRXML file, what should i do? How can i tell to JasperReport to print on a PDF file a JTable created on runtime?

Please friends, i'm stuck. And i need to get along from this. It's just the last thing i have to do and once i do this, i'll finish. So, please help me.
Really appreciated.