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    Default Problem with String Building

    I'm having trouble building strings while implementing a BST. For whatever reason which i cant figure out the stings are being printed in what i believe is hashcode. How can i get the string to print the "real string".

    My code basically looks like this

    Java Code:
    String bob = "";
    String bob += inOrderTrav(n.left);
    Where inOrderTrav is a private method which returns the string value of the item in the BST which corresponds to the BSTNode n.left.

    What am i missing here? Why is the string showing up as hashcode at System.out?


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    Default Re: Problem with String Building

    probably you need to write the toString() method,

    please post more code.

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    Default Re: Problem with String Building

    Default toString method inherited from the Object class prints some sort of identifier followed by the hexadecimal representation of the objects hashcode. Try overriding toString().

    Gah, very old post. Bhatt.umang7, please don't bump threads that are nearly 5 years old.

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