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    Question session Management betwwen two application

    There are two applications one is running on .net and other is running on J2EE(websphere). On the .net application I have to create a link which then redirects me to J2EE application.
    Here the main issue is that once the J2EE application start working (by clicking on link), the other application (.net application)from which it is accessed should not session timed out .AND
    If the user does the logout from .net application he should also be prompt to logout from J2EE application.In the nut shell J2EE application session will depend on .net applicaion session.

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    Whenever u go between asp page and jsp page check value of session variable...and let it be a redirecting page

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    This is not simple if your .NET Web server is part of a server farm. If you are dealing with just two servers, you could try this approach.

    First, don't redirect to the J2EE server, even if it is running a Web application server. Trying to synchronize two Web servers that way is going to create problems.

    Have the .NET server contact the Websphere server. I don't know what you mean by start running an application, but the Websphere application should be stateless, as all Web applications are.

    Use a Web service to communicate from .NET to Websphere. Websphere will send the result back to .NET, which will format the result and send it to the client. Remember that Web services have no session state at all.

    If the Websphere application is already written as a servlet, then use a POST request from the .NET application and read back the Web page created by Websphere. You can return that page as the response, since it is already fully formatted.

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