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    Default help array set null or delete

    hai.., I have problem of setting the array found to null. I want to set the found array(result of the search of the item to be stock out) to null if the number of stock to out is equal to the number of the stocks in of the product.


    Chocolate 001 $5.50 12(stocks in)

    Enter Number of stock out: 12

    Number of stock out: 12
    total cost=(12*5.50)

    //so the Chocolate now will be out of stock and I want to delete it so that the user can input another product

    heres my code.

    Java Code:
    public ProductInfo computeStockOut() //computing the total amount of stock
    		int num;
    		double totalAmount;
    		int newStck;
    		System.out.print("Enter Number Of Stock to Out: ");
    				System.out.println("Total Amount is: "+totalAmount);
    				System.out.println("You Enter Number greater than your stock products");
    		return found;	

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    stockIn = stockIn - stockPurchased.

    Maybe I'm not following your question properly but I think you can just do that. I think your issue is with newStck. Why not just this.setNumStock(getNumStock - num) or something along those lines.

    What is happening when you run it? Does numstock remain at 12 or is it throwing an error?
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