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    Default Character encoding in Java (Linux to Windows)

    Since I'm from Sweden, I use the swedish letters , and a lot in my Java applications. And since I'm on linux, using UTF-8, those letters get quite screwed up on Windows.

    So how can I set the default character encoding to UTF-8 in my applications? Or does something like htmls å, ä and ö exist in Java?

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    I worked on this for about ten minutes, did not find much but the general area is somewhere in "java.nio.charset.CharsetDecoder"
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    Java uses UTF-16 internally, so it should handle your character set fine by itself.

    UTF-8 certainly will not work; in fact, you will lose your characters.

    Java allows you to set the locale, I suggest looking into that as a start. The locale will choose an appropriate character set and integrate with the OS.

    Also, make sure the OS locale is set correctly.

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