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    Default How I can return an object?

    Hello, Actually.. I have a project, and I'm going to submitted tomorrowm,..
    every thing was clear, except the part (2), help me, How I can do it ..

    thanks so much...

    USA has 52 states. Each state has a population between 2 million and 20 millions. Create class States that has two instance variables: name which is an array of type String and population which is array of type Double. For example, if name[0]="California" and population[0]=15.5, then it means that the population of California state is 15.5 millions. Provide the following methods:

    1. public void inputStates(): inputs the names of the states of the USA and the respective population from the user. Use the below table as sample.
    2. public States findMaxState(): finds the state which has the maximum population then returns that state and its population.
    3. public double findTotalPopulation(): calculate the total population of the USA. Then returns the result.
    4. public double findAvgPopulation(): calculate the average population of the USA. Then returns the result.
    5. public void printStates(): prints all the states and their population in a table format as follows:

    States Its population in million
    California 15.5
    Texas 12.225
    New York 18.9
    Washington DC 2.3
    Florida 6.55

    6. public static void main(String args[]): create an object UStates of class States and perform the following operation:

    a- Input a sample of the states of the USA and their respective population.
    b- Find the state with the largest population and its population
    c- Find the total population of USA
    d- Find the average population of the states of the USA
    e- Find all the states of USA and the respective population

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    you need to store in hashMap<String,float>
    then get all the values from hashmap, sort them and you have everything

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    create a method that takes a array of objects, does your search and returns the particular object.

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    Default Follow the specifications!

    No, do what the assignment says, even though the design of States is really ugly. Also, the method required is very bizarre. Essentially, it is telling you to create a new States instance with just one entry in its arrays. I'm not sure the professor realized what they were asking for.

    To find the state in question (you will have to add a method void addState(String name, double population), which you can use from inputStates() as well),

    Java Code:
    public States findMaxState() {
      int index = -1;
      double maxPop = 0d;
      for (int i = 0; i < name.length; i++) {
        if (population[i] > maxPop) {
          index = i;
          maxPop = population[i];
      States newStates = new States();
      newStates.addState(name[index], population[index]);
      return newStates;
    This is a very strange request. Please make sure you have the assignment description correct.

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    try this code

    import java.util.Arrays;

    public class States {
    //================================================== ======= main
    String[] stateNames = {"Utah", "Nevada", "Washington","Oregon","Idaho","Colorado","Wyoming" ,"Maine","Missouri"};
    Double[] population = {120.0, 5555.5, 234.0, 999.0, 1177.3, 2345.5, 4456.6, 6543.8, 7654.4};

    public static void main(String[] args) {
    States st1 = new States();
    st1 = st1.findMaxState();

    public States findMaxState(){
    double currentmax = 0.0;
    int currentMaxIndex = 0;

    States st2 = new States();
    currentmax = population[population.length -1];
    currentMaxIndex = population.length -1;

    //finding max population
    for(int j = population.length -2 ;j>=0;j-- ){
    if(currentmax < population[j]){
    currentmax = population[j];
    currentMaxIndex = j;

    st2.population = new Double[1];
    st2.stateNames = new String[1];

    st2.population[0] = currentmax;
    st2.stateNames[0] = stateNames[currentMaxIndex];

    //System.out.println(Arrays.toString(st2.stateNames) );

    return st2;

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