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    Default Help with random numbers

    I am trying to develop a virtual stock market in which I need to generate random numbers for changes in daily stock value. I will show you an example of a declaration:

    public double getDowJonesChange()
    return generator.nextDouble() * (getDowJonesCost()*0.08) + (getDowJonesCost()*(-0.08));

    I am trying to allow the stock to go up or down 8% per day. Any help at all is appreciated. Also, in case you guys were wondering, I already declared Random generator = new Random() and also imported java.util.Random

    Thanks Again!
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    The range is 16, so nextDouble() * 0.16; then - 0.08 .....

    probably, I'm not a mathemetician.

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    Two options:
    (1) the overall range of change is 0.08 + 0.08 = 0.16. So you need to multiply your nextDouble() by 0.16. This gives you a number in the range 0 to 0.16. Then subtract 0.08, to give a number in the range -0.08 to 0.08. A slight issue is that nextDouble() will never return the exact value 1, so your result will be very very minutely biased towards a negative change.
    (2) separately call nextDouble() for the magnitude of change, then nextBoolean() to decide if it's upwards or downwards.

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