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    Default Quick Question

    Hi everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong forum I have no idea where else to put it.

    I am new to Java so I don't really have much of an idea how to do things and how difficult they would be to create - but I'm willing to learn through all of the online tutorials available.

    Anyway to the question - I just want to know how difficult it would be to create a program that could cycle through web pages, which are in numerical order (so it's on the same site, just a different section of it) and click on a certain button on that page.

    In total layman's terms this is what it would do:

    Enter webpage address w w w.somerandomwebpage/randomstuff/morerandom/blahblahid?=00000001
    Click Button
    Enter webpage address w w w.somerandomwebpage/randomstuff/morerandom/blahblahid?=00000002
    Click Button
    etc etc.

    It's for an application on facebook and I know it's possible as quite a few of the other players have created a script/bot that does it for them. I know it is quite sad, but I'm not here to be judged.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default How new are you?

    • How new are you to Java?
    • Do you have the Java basics (methods, classes, variables, scope, etc) ?

    The reason I ask is because what your asking sounds a little complex and with the info supplied, I'm not sure if you want to go that way.
    • What does the button do? display the next web page?

    If so, there are probably easier ways to do that.

    Chris S.
    Difficult? This is Mission Impossible, not Mission Difficult. Difficult should be easy.

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    if you're making a facebook app, i believe that they've stopped continued support for java. anyways, i'd recommend php if anything for use with facebook.

    also, i think you might be referring to javascript, not java.

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    Yes Graeme, you must explain your question more clearly here. How can we know what you really want to do with this project. Seems to me don't have a design either for this.

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    Thanks for your replies everyone.

    I am completely new to Java, I've never tried to make anything with it, so won't have the basics. The button which I want to click on is a "Request entry" button, it doesn't appear to move onto a different page at any time it just refreshes the current one.

    The process I'm physically doing at the moment is entering a web address into the address bar; scrolling down; click on the request entry button; go back up to the address bar and replace the last digit with the next one in the sequence and repeating the process. As you can imagine it is quite boring and tedious hence why I want to create something to do it for me.

    I realise it will take a while to create, but I am willing to put in the time as I've always wanted to learn how to use Java - I've just never had a project in mind, so have never bothered to try until now. This is why I ask how difficult it would be, because if it is way too advanced for a learner then there's not much point in me attempting it.

    However, I think emceenugget is right and I may be talking about Javascript rather than Java? Just to clear things up though, I'm not creating an application for facebook. And php doesn't work, as the application throws you off every couple of minutes.

    Hope this helps clear things up.

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