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    Default Need help with Java!

    I need help with this problem; I keep getting the message "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main", any help weill be appreciated.

    The problem in my book was to design a class named Rectangle to represent a rectangle . the class contains:

    * two double data fields named Width and Height that specify the width and height of the rectangle. the default values are 1 for both Width and Height.

    * a string data field named color that specifies the color of a rectangle .Hypothetically , assume that all rectangles color are the same , the default color is white .

    * a no arg constructor that creates a default rectangle.

    * a constructor that creates a rectangle with a specified width and height.

    * the accessor and mutator methods for all three data fields.

    * a method named getArea() that returns the area of this rectangle.

    * a method named getPerimeter() that returns the perimeter.

    Draw the UML diagram , implement the class , and write a test program that creates two Rectangle objects . assign width 4 and height 40 to first object and width 3.5 and height 35.9 for the second one . assign color red to all Rectangle objects .
    display the properties of both objects and find their areas and perimeters.


    public class Rectangle {

    // fields
    private double width;
    private double height;
    private String color;

    // constructor
    public Rectangle(){
    width = 1;
    height = 1;
    color = "white";

    // accessor methods
    public double getWidth(){
    return width;

    public double getHeight(){
    return height;

    public String getColor(){
    return color;

    // mutator methods
    public void setWidth(double width){
    this.width = width;

    public void setHeight(double height){
    this.height = height;

    public void setColor(String color){
    this.color = color;

    public double getArea(){
    return width * height;

    public double getPerimeter(){
    return (width * 2) + (height * 2);


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    Sorry, without reading your very long post, I'm guessing that you're compiling against a different version of Java to the one you're running against.

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    Default Nay....

    I'm assuming that you tried to run the class the following way?
    Java Code:
    Java Rectangle
    if so... you can't. The class has no main method. You need to call the methods of this class from another class that does have a main method.

    Chris S.
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