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    Default remove variables/line in a text file

    I have the following method where I search for a match and when I locate the variables, I want to delete them from the text file. How do I do it? Please help. My method is given below:
    Java Code:
    public void dropCourse(String studentID, String dropCourseName){
    		try { 
                StreamTokenizer sr = new StreamTokenizer(new FileReader("coursesEnrolled.txt"));
          	    for (i=0; i<recCount; i++){
          	    	sr.nextToken(); studID[i] = sr.sval;
          	    	sr.nextToken(); courseEnrolled[i] = sr.sval;
          	        if ((studentID.equals(studID[i])) && (dropCourseName.equals(courseEnrolled[i]))){
          	        	//remove studID[i] & courseEnrolled[i]
            catch (IOException e) { 
               	System.out.println("Uh oh, got an IOException error!");

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    Default Array or ArrayList ?

    Are you using Arrays or ArrayLists (I'm assuming you're using Arrays)? If your using Arrays, then you can't remove an element from the array, you can only overwrite it (say like with zero). If you use Arraylist, you can remove it (with, of course, the remove() method).

    Array (Java Platform SE 6)

    ArrayList (Java Platform SE 6)


    EDIT: Sorry... I misunderstood... I thought that the OP wanted to remove the elements from the array, which maybe he/she still wants to do if they're going to remove the data from a text file.
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    An easy way to do it would be to get the String equivalent of your .txt file

    Then you create your method to search the word in the String and you remove it.

    Then you reload the same file with the new string replacing the old content of the file.

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