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Thread: Recursion help

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    Default Recursion help

    hi guys,
    i hav prob wit recursion in implementing in to one prog
    i have a array like this..........
    array[2]="3 7 1";
    array[3]="2 4";
    array[4]="3 5";
    array[5]="4 6";
    array[6]="8 5 7";
    array[7]="6 2";
    these index represent the values of a atom in a structure and the array elements are like as follows........

    atom 1 attached to atom 2
    atom 2 attached to atoms 3,7,1 etc..........
    the elements separated by space...........

    using recursion i want to get the connection one be one till the end so that i can find each atom links separately...............

    since i am beginner............ pl help.........

    Thank you

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