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    Question Suggestions for my Java-project?

    Hello every one....
    i m absolutely new to javaforums, this being my first post. :)
    I m pursuing b.c.a. final yr, and hav a small s/w project to be made in Java. The college wants me to select the topic on my own. My problem is that it is only in this semester that I have to learn Java as a part of my syllabus plus prepare a s/w too. That's why, its a bit difficult for me to decide on a topic that should be chosen, which should be small, though interesting, and that i should be able to complete it within a month at-most.
    Plzzz suggest me suitable topics.

    An early response will b highly appreciated. Thank you.

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    suggestion 1: please avoid needless abbreviations when posting to this forum. This is an international forum, and as such, many will not be able to understand what you are typing. The others that can understand it will be mildly annoyed, both decreasing your chances of getting help.

    That being said, I recommend that the choice of project should be yours and yours alone. Pick a problem that you or a friend or family member is having that a program might solve. This gives you both ownership of the project and extra non-academic motivation to complete it well.

    Best of luck.

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