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    Default what's the fastest method of storing and retrieving large amounts of data in Java?

    Hi guys,

    Have been speed testing new algorithms on my computer searching for very large primes however part of one of my new methods uses the 'FileReader' from java to go into a .txt file and read each line individually into my program before it turns it into an integer and is processed. However this seems to slow down my program quite a LOT

    What I'm wondering is: What are some of the alternative methods for storing data and being able to quickly retrieve the information stored. The speed on storing it is not important as the values I am storing are fixed and won't be changed. But I need to access it as quickly as possible! Every microsecond counts ;)

    Has anyone got any suggestions?

    Kind Regards,


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    have you tried using a BufferedReader ?

    Alternatively, if you can keep your values in memory that will be a LOT faster than file access.

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