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    Default calling yield() method in synchronized block

    Hi everybody ,
    when a yield() method is called in a synchronized block does that thread releases the lock???

    or it just holding the lock and going to the ready state???

    please any one explain me


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    No. Calling yield() relinquishes the CPU but, like sleep(), holds on to any synchronization locks. This is different to wait(), which does relinquish the lock on the object being waited on (but only that object).

    I've written up some more detailed information on what Thread.yield() does on different systems/VM versions in case you're interested.

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    Default Re: calling yield() method in synchronized block

    Thread has a state RUNNABLE that means that this thread is eligible from the scheduler to run and change the state from RUNNABLE to RUNNING. Using yield() on a thread the thread change his state from RUNNING to RUNNABLE. But if all threads has the same priority the same thread my return to the RUNNING state so that yield() has no effect at all.

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