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    Default loading a text file

    I am trying to load a text file which would look somthing like

    Each line i am trying to get assigned to a particular variable, so John should be assigned to firstName.
    I have started like
    Java Code:
    try {
    				System.out.println("Please enter the name of the student file" );
    				String fileName =;
    				in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(fileName+".txt"));
    				firstName = in.readLine();
    i know i will have to put it in a loop. But is there anyway i can say what line goes to what variable e.g
    firstName = in.readLine(1);
    lastName = in.readLine(2);
    title = in.readLine(3);

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    Maybe you can try with a switch asking for the number of line that its been reading at the moment?
    ..:: ::..

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    Something that's worked for me is the String split method using the new line character "\n" as my deliminator. But this was in a JTextArea, so it might not work.

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