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    Angry Complete code won't run in eclipse

    The code for InvoiceGuiApp and Invoice have absolutely no errors in it but it just won't give me the option to run in eclipse.
    InvoiceGuiApp is the program.

    If someone could look at it and tell me why it won't run that would be helpful as it is due today and I might fail the class if I don't turn it in. It is completed, but my teacher won't accept it if it doesn't run.
    Other programs that are in this package run fine, it's just this one that won't work.

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    Your main method declaration is wrong.

    Java Code:
    public  void main( String[] args )  // declare main method
    This is just a method, not a main method. It should be like this,

    Java Code:
    public static void main( String[] args )

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    Cool Run in eclipse

    Hii all

    if you want run a simple java application then we must assured that the program must contain tha main method like

    public static void main(String args[])

    then save the programme,then go to run then select run as then click on the select java application.........

    or if you wnt to run we application then 1st you have to configure the eclipse eith any server......for this go to window>show view>other>server>servers>then you select the server.....

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