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    Question how to print utf8 formatted(.txt) file from DOS mode


    1. How to print UTF8 formatted(.txt) files from DOS mode? It is in tamil language.
    2. I am using aAvarangal font for tamil language in java. I can store it into database as a utf8 characters. When i retrieve it , some of the characters are displayed like '?' on javax.swing components.

    for example when i stored like 'amma' , it retrieved as 'am??ma'

    Please help me to solve it.


    with regards,

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    java, dos, utf, and swing are four differing aspects of how a string is printed or shown, is tamil a language of a nation or a dos mode character set or what actually is it?

    "amma", as shown, will print and save to file and dispaly in swing. Your code probably should work in the Locale of your computer's settings. Java compiler only recognize a limited set of characters.
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