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    Default Convert Linked List Object element to String


    I have a linked list with the following elements (A,B,C,D)

    I created a method to copy the first Node and store it an Object variable called tempNode.
    After running the method the tempNode is now set as "A"

    So how do I convert this "A" object into a string?
    Ive tried this

    String newTempNode = new String(tempNode);

    and it is complaining about the following

    cannot find symbol
    symbol: constructor String (java.lang.Object)
    location: class java.lang.String

    I figured I needed to import a class so I did this

    import java.lang.Object;
    import java.lang.String;

    still gets the same error. What am I doing wrong?

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    What do you mean "convert an object into a String"? There is no generic way to get a String representation of an object other than by calling its toString method. i.e.:
    Java Code:
    String myString = tempNode.toString();
    but if the tempNode object's class doesn't have a toString override, the only thing that will come out will be gibberish.

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    Cirkut, can you post your linked list class code? Like Fubarable said, once you create a toString() method in your linked list class you can get the string representation of the object.

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