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    Default Please help with this

    Hi, I am writing a Java teaching application which teaches the user how to program in Java. It's going well but there is one thing that I need help with that would make it complete. I have been looking at the Javala website and I want the user to be able to run programs in my application in the same way as the examples on the Javala website. Surely there is a way to do this. Apparently, code written in Java can be compiled and executed in Visual Basic through the command prompt.
    Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

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    Could you please use thread title that say something about what the problem is. You've started about 20 threads here and they are all titled (approx.) "help with this". That is more than a little annoying, and most definately does not help you attract the people that can actually help you.

    You can do it through Java itself. As of 1.6 take a look at the Compiler class.

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