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    Default Sun Certification

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to Java.. looking to get into the industry (career change.. I'm currently a mortgage advisor!), I have little academic programming background but no actual work experience..

    My question; would "Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA)" help me cause in finding work?

    Is the exam hard, or does it just cover basic understanding.. and would it help get me started working with Java? Any comments welcome.. even if its bad :)



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    Thats a thread we have dealing with the same thing that I think would be a good starting point.

    I'm sure SCJA would look alot better on a resume then just "some prior programming experience".

    I think a good idea would to be to develop some program along what your familiar with(ie some mortgage program) that can do things like determine monthly payments, interest, number of payments, etc. Sure it isn't much but just being able to show that YOU wrote that program could give you an edge on your resume.

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