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    Default How to divide code in classes?

    Hello everyone!
    I'm new to java but i have some experience in programming. I just have a really newbie question: how do i divide java code in different classes?
    Let me explain it with a banal example.
    I need a program that has a button and a label. When i click on the button, i the label to change its content.
    This is my pseudo-code:
    class graphics {

    private JLabel Content;
    private JButton jLabelPassword;

    class actions {

    handler of what button does;


    main class {




    so... can anybody please tell me how can i split code that i need in different classes. And... once i have actions and graphics, how do i start the program? What do i have to put in the main method?

    Thank you and sorry for the "stupid" question. :p

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    Default What do you see as a "concept"?

    Organisation of your program into classes is largely arbitrary, and it takes a bit of practice to get a "natural feel" for where it seems right to make the split.

    To start with, try and use a separate class file for things that you see as a "concept":
    - things that you can "visualise" as a separate object (e.g. a window)
    - things that are re-used in different parts of your app

    Use inline classes or methods to additional classes for things that you see as just "uninteresting extensions or attributes" of more global/tangible objects. So for button listeners with only a few lines of code that are specific to a particular button or buttons in a particular window, just inline them there and then:

    Java Code:
    JButton b = ...
    b.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
      public void actionPerformed(...) {}

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