What I need to do is set the title and meta tags of these jsp pages. How it is currently setup every page has the same set. I'm thinking I can change it by URL but i'm not sure.

I've included as much information as possible to help you help me.

I would like to add the following actions:

If the section is this
use these meta tags

So for example:

If the section =pro_buzz
use this: title, meta keywords, meta description

Some more information:
Here's how the JSP server is setup for the above URL

Products.jsp references <%@ include file="include/jsp/us/head.jsp"%> which has the current set of meta tags

product.jsp includes this code:

<div id="main"><jsp:include page="include/jsp/us/content_server.jsp" /></div>

Content_server.jsp has this code:
<%@ page import="java.io.*"%>

String section = "" + request.getParameter("section");
String fileNameJSP = application.getRealPath("include/jsp/us/" + section + ".jsp");
String fileNameLBI = application.getRealPath("include/lib/us/" + section + ".lbi");
String fileIncludeJSP = "/include/jsp/us/" + section + ".jsp";
String fileIncludeLBI = "/include/lib/us/" + section + ".lbi";
String currentURI = request.getRequestURI();

File fileObjectJSP = new File(fileNameJSP);
File fileObjectLBI = new File(fileNameLBI);

if (fileObjectJSP.exists()){
<jsp:include page="<%= fileIncludeJSP %>" />
<%}else if(fileObjectLBI.exists()){%>
<jsp:include page="<%= fileIncludeLBI %>" />

<% if (currentURI.indexOf("solutions.jsp")!=-1){ %>
<jsp:include page="/include/jsp/us/sol_1.jsp" />
<% }else if (currentURI.indexOf("products.jsp")!=-1){ %>
<jsp:include page="/include/jsp/us/pro.jsp" />
<% }else if (currentURI.indexOf("contact_fm.jsp")!=-1){ %>
<jsp:include page="/include/jsp/us/con_all.jsp" />
<% }else if (currentURI.indexOf("press.jsp")!=-1){ %>
<jsp:include page="/include/jsp/us/ne_press_releases.jsp" />
<% }else if (currentURI.indexOf("about_pri.jsp")!=-1){ %>
<jsp:include page="/include/jsp/us/leg_pri.jsp" />
<% }else if (currentURI.indexOf("about_ter.jsp")!=-1){ %>
<jsp:include page="/include/jsp/us/leg_tou.jsp" />
<% }else if (currentURI.indexOf("corp.jsp")!=-1){ %>
<jsp:include page="/include/jsp/us/leg_prs.jsp" />
<% }else if (currentURI.indexOf("corporate.jsp")!=-1){ %>
<jsp:include page="/include/jsp/us/cof.jsp" />
<% }else if (currentURI.indexOf("partner.jsp")!=-1){ %>
<jsp:include page="/include/jsp/us/par.jsp" />
<% }else if (currentURI.indexOf("careers") != -1) { %>
<jsp:include page="/include/jsp/us/car.jsp" />


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